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With the “zero hour” approaching, Russia is mobilizing its forces in eastern Ukraine

by Paul Williamson
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A British intelligence update said on Tuesday that the Russian military likely attempted to resume major offensive operations in Ukraine in early January, with the aim of capturing Ukrainian-held parts of Donetsk.

But the update added that it is still unlikely that Russia will be able to muster the necessary forces to significantly influence the outcome of the war within the next few weeks.

Russian reinforcements are pouring in

For his part, a Ukrainian governor said that Russia is sending reinforcements to eastern Ukraine before a new offensive that may start next week along a front that has been witnessing fierce battles for months.

Ukraine expects a major attack that Russia could launch for “symbolic” reasons, as the anniversary of the invasion approaches on February 24, which Moscow insists on calling a “special military operation.”

Ukraine itself is planning an offensive in the spring to recapture lost territory, but is waiting for the West to deliver promised long-range missiles and battle tanks.

“We are seeing more and more Russian reserves being deployed in our direction, and we are seeing the introduction of more equipment,” Luhansk region governor Sergei Gaidai told Ukrainian television.

He added: “They are bringing in ammunition that is used differently than before – there is no more round-the-clock bombing. They are starting to save (their effort). The preparation for the attack is large-scale. It will probably take 10 days to mobilize the reserves. After February 15th we expect (this attack) At any time”.

Source: Sky News Arabia

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