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The UK Calls for Political Solutions to End the Exploitation and Abuse of Migrants and Refugees in Libya: UK Statement at the UN Security Council

by Paul Williamson
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Statement by Deputy Political Coordinator Thomas Phipps at the UN Security Council meeting on international peace and security.

President, let me begin by thanking Directors Menikdiwela and Liljert for their briefings today.

The UK would also like to thank France and Malta for their efforts in drafting the renewal of UN Security Council Resolution 2652, which we fully support. As we are all aware, Libya is a complex operating environment for tackling migration and human smuggling. All refugees and migrants, regardless of their migration status, should be treated with the humanity and dignity that they deserve.

The UK continues to be deeply concerned by abuses of migrants and refugees in Libya. We continue to call on the Libyan authorities to take steps to end the exploitation and abuse of migrants and refugees, working towards the closure of all detention centres. A more holistic approach is needed to tackle the drivers of migration across Africa and the Western Mediterranean route and we are committed to working closely with member states and the UN to achieve this, and we take note of the recommendations by the UNCHR and the IOM today.

President, the UK also continues to urge the Libyan authorities to comply with their obligations under International Humanitarian Law, and implement a functioning migration system that respects migrants’ and refugees’ human rights.

Unfortunately, these challenges will sadly endure in Libya in the absence of a political solution, which is why driving forward that process is front and centre of our work. We continue to support SRSG Bathily and the work he is doing to reach an inclusive political agreement, as well as UNSMIL’s wider efforts to support peace and stability in Libya.

President, before concluding, let me also note that we hope the Russia delegation will give equal focus to language on human rights and international law when the Council discusses UNSMIL’s mandate next month.

Source : Gov.UK

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