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The prime ministers of Britain and Australia flew to the United States to meet with Biden: what will they talk about

by Theo Atkinson
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China criticized the plans of the three countries and said that they should “do more things that will contribute to regional peace and stability.”

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak flew to the US on Sunday to meet with US President Joe Biden and Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. The purpose of the meeting is to agree on the final details of the Submarine Agreement to Counter China (AUKUS).

Reuters and Bloomberg write about it . A meeting in San Diego on March 13 is expected to decide on Australia’s next steps towards obtaining nuclear submarines.

On Monday, the UK will also publish an update on its security, defense and foreign policy, known as the “Comprehensive Review”, which will outline how London will respond to growing threats in the world. According to Sunak’s office, the update to the Comprehensive Defense and Security Review will contain serious risks from Vladimir Putin’s Russia, as well as a growing threat from China.

On Saturday, March 11, Rishi Sunak praised the AUKUS alliance and said that such partnerships are an example of the British approach.

“In turbulent times, the UK’s global alliances are our biggest source of strength and security. I’m traveling to the United States to launch the next phase of the AUKUS nuclear submarine program, a project that strengthens ties with our closest allies and brings security, new technology and economic benefits at home.” ” Sunak said.

The first submarine will take years to build, likely requiring temporary measures, according to people familiar with the discussions. For example, the US could base its nuclear submarines in Australia or sell Virginia-class submarines to that country.

Australia’s new fleet of nuclear submarines will be based on a modified British design with American parts and upgrades, Bloomberg sources said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning criticized the plan on Thursday, telling reporters in Beijing that the three countries should “do more things that will promote regional peace and stability.”

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