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Serbia Commits to Strengthening Ties with US Despite Past Tensions

by Freddy Evans
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(MENAFN) The Ambassador of Serbia to the United States, Marko Djuric, has recently expressed his country’s commitment to strengthening its ties with the US based on shared values. In an interview with the Kurir news outlet, Djuric stated that Serbia hopes to open a “new phase of strategic dialog” with Washington, despite years of tension between the two nations due to Serbia’s perceived closeness to Russia and the American-led bombing campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999.

Djuric emphasized that the “prevailing tone of bilateral communication” between Serbia and the US has been “extremely positive” and that his country is looking forward to eventual visa liberalization, a tax treaty, and improved cooperation in technology. However, he did not provide a timeline for the implementation of these agreements.

The envoy cited his recent meeting with State Department Counselor Derek Chollet, stating that Serbia intends to “intensively deepen” its relations with the US. He also pointed out the increase in trade volume, military cooperation with the Ohio National Guard, and the growing presence of Serb basketball players in the NBA as evidence of the improving relationship between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic criticized some US officials for their rhetoric, which he believed was “stuck in the 1990s.” Despite this, the Serbian government continues to express its willingness to work with the US towards a stronger partnership based on shared interests and values.

Source : MENAFN

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