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“Rape, deceit and intimidation” … Romanian prosecutors accuse Andrew Tate of “enslaving his victims”

by Theo Atkinson
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After weeks of mystery, accusations against controversial content creator Andrew Tate have begun to unravel, with Reuters detailing a 61-page report that Romanian prosecutors have submitted to the judiciary on the “Tate crimes”.

Documents filed by prosecutors, which include all allegations and letters between Tate and his alleged victims, say the former kickboxing champion and his brother used “deception and intimidation to control and enslave six women”.

Prosecution documents revealed allegations that Tate raped a woman from Moldova twice, after he persuaded her to move to live with him in Romania, claiming that he was in love with her, as he told her, according to the text of the conversations, between February and last April, “Nothing bad will happen, but you have to be by my side.”

British-American Andrew Tate, 36, who has lived in Romania since 2017, and his 34-year-old brother deny all allegations against them. Reuters was unable to obtain their comment.

Responding to the charges regarding the Moldovan woman, a lawyer, Eugen Vedenik, said he had sex with her, but it was consensual, accusing her of fabricating rape allegations.

He also added that the alleged victims “lived on the back of the famous Tate family” and “were happy and nobody forced them to do these things.”

The Romanian authorities arrested Tate, 36, his brother Tristan, 34, and two Romanian women, one of them a former police officer, on December 29 in Bucharest, on charges of human trafficking, rape and forming a criminal gang.

The prosecutor’s file reveals that Tate, his brother and the two Romanian women recruited six women to create sexual content on the OnlyFans platform, Reuters reported.

The agency was unable to independently verify the version of events provided by the prosecution or defense attorney, and was unable to reach the six women named in the prosecution’s file for comment.

However, two of the women named in the case, in statements to the Romanian television station Antena3 on January 11, refused to consider them victims, and said that the two brothers were innocent.

One of them told the station, “You can’t list me as a victim if you say I’m not one.” The other four women, including the Moldovan woman, have not commented publicly.

And the authorities moved on April 11, when

On April 11, Romanian police raided one of Tate’s properties in Bucharest, on suspicion that an American woman was being held there.

According to prosecutors, Tristan and the American young woman – one of the six alleged victims – met on the Internet in November 2021, before they met in Miami the following month.

According to the same source, Tate’s brother lured her to join them in Romania by expressing “false feelings” towards her and promising her a serious relationship. He also paid for the plane ticket and said he could help her earn “100,000 per month” on OnlyFans.

The court document said Tristan Tate took her from Bucharest airport in a Rolls-Royce on April 5, 2022, to his home, which was guarded by two armed men.

According to the prosecution, the young American woman was not imprisoned, but the guards did not allow her to leave without his permission, as he told her that leaving the house posed a danger to her “because he had enemies.”

Prosecutors said in the document that Tristan was tracking her movements via cameras planted around the house, telling her in one message that he could see her and know what she was doing.

The American young woman later moved to another house with four of Andrew Tate’s “girlfriends”, and she was allowed to go out only if she was accompanied by other women, which made her deeply afraid of the two brothers, according to documents seen by Reuters.

Tate’s lawyer said that the alleged victim had a mobile phone, internet connection, and the freedom to leave the house as she wanted, while the American young woman did not speak publicly about the allegations of the Tate family or the prosecution.

Prosecutors said the other Tate suspects, Georgiana Nagel and Luana Radu, took control of the OnlyFans and TikTok accounts of the six victims on behalf of the brothers, stealing half of their earnings, while subjecting them to pressure to work.

The two suspects deny all allegations and allegations contained in the prosecution report.

Source: Alhurra

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