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Met Office Gives Update on Whether 40c Heatwave Would Hit Britain

by Paul Williamson
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Any remaining rain in central and eastern England is expected to clear on Wednesday, giving way to a day of “sunshine and showers”, according to the latest forecast by the Met Office.

According to a Met spokesperson, the central and eastern regions can expect the highest frequency and intensity of showers. Wednesday is going to be “widely warmer than Tuesday”.

There are lower chances of the UK’s temperature climbing upto 40C after days of unsettled July weather.

Met Office spokesperson Grahame Madge said there was “no forecast signal” for temperatures to reach as high as 40C although a long-range forecast showed some heat returning in August.

“There is no forecast signal for temperatures to reach last year’s threshold this year,” Mr Madge said.

“The chance of reaching 40C is around one per cent, so it is unlikely in any given year, but of course, it remains feasible.”

The Met Office update comes as Europe swelters under extreme heat, with temperatures in the mid to late 40s in parts, triggering wildfires and health alerts.

On Tuesday, the forecaster predictedweather to be “mostly dry and feeling warm across the far south with some sunny spells”. However, there was still no respite from rain for the northern region as it is expected to spread northeastwards through the day, turning heavy in places.

The next few days are expected to remain cloudy although fewer showers are expected with rain clearing early morning.

This July was expected to be hotter than usual in the UK amid worrying conditions globally as extreme heat driven by the climate crisis and the El Nino phenomenon gripped several countries in the northern hemisphere.

The UK earlier witnessed its hottest June on record, the Met Office said, as a result of “the background warming of the Earth’s atmosphere due to human-induced climate change”.

From the beginning of July, however, unsettled conditions have taken over the UK, bringing rains, gusts and thunderstorms and keeping the mercury down, in complete contrast to Europe.

The Met Office said an Atlantic low-pressure system is bringing “unseasonably” strong winds, and heavy rain or showers to many places across the UK over the coming days, which will keep the temperatures down.

“This is an unusual time of year for such strong winds and, with many people on holiday or planning outdoor activities, they are likely to cause some disruption,” said Met Office chief meteorologist Andy Page.

“In addition, heavy rain and thunderstorms could lead to standing water and spray on roads and consequently difficult driving conditions. Winds are expected to ease through the evening,” he said.

The Met Office said showers will ease across eastern areas on Wednesday evening. Most areas will experience dry conditions by midnight, with only a few lingering showers in northern Scotland. The weather is expected to be rather chilly.

Thursday will begin bright and sunny for many, but as the morning progresses, showers will start to develop. Despite the showers, the weather will still feel pleasant, with occasional sunny spells and temperatures near the average for this time of year.

Source : Independent

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