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Joint Statement – The Tallinn Pledge

by Kayden Collins
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A joint statement by the defence ministers of Estonia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania; and the representatives of Denmark, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Slovakia.

We the Defence Ministers of Estonia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania; and the representatives of Denmark, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Slovakia met today, 19 January, to reaffirm our continued determination and resolve to supporting Ukraine in their heroic resistance against the illegal and unprovoked Russian aggression. We condemn Russia’s attacks designed to terrorise Ukraine’s people, including intentional attacks against the civilian population and civilian infrastructure which may constitute war crimes. We reject Russia’s ongoing violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, and its illegal claims to have annexed Ukrainian territory.

We recognise that equipping Ukraine to push Russia out of its territory is as important as equipping them to defend what they already have. Together we will continue supporting Ukraine to move from resisting to expelling Russian forces from Ukrainian soil. By bringing together Allies and partners, we are ensuring the surge of global military support is as strategic and coordinated as possible. The new level of required combat power is only achieved by combinations of main battle tank squadrons, beneath air and missile defence, operating alongside divisional artillery groups, and further deep precision fires enabling targeting of Russian logistics and command nodes in occupied territory.

Therefore, we commit to collectively pursuing delivery of an unprecedented set of donations including main battle tanks, heavy artillery, air defence, ammunition, and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine’s defence. This substantial assistance to Ukraine comes from our own national stocks, and resources illustrating the mutual understanding of the severity of the situation and our commitment to urgently increase and accelerate support for Ukraine. Having made this “Tallinn Pledge”, we shall head to the Ukraine Defence Group meeting in Ramstein tomorrow 20 January and urge other Allies and partners to follow suit and contribute their own planned packages of support as soon as possible to ensure a Ukrainian battlefield victory in 2023.

Donations list per country

  1. Denmark: Denmark is continuing military and civil support to Ukraine. Denmark will also continue to provide training of Ukrainian forces, including but not limited to the UK-led programme of training for Ukrainian recruits. Denmark has donated or financed military aid for close to 600 million euros. Weapons donations and military support will continue in close cooperation with allies, and in accordance with Ukrainian needs.
  2. The Czech Republic: The Czech Republic will continue its support to Ukraine via delivery of military material, always in close cooperation with our partners and reflecting the Ukrainian needs. We are working with our defence industry to increase their production capacities in order to provide even more support, especially in terms of producing large calibre ammunition, howitzers and APCs. A key component of our contribution will be maintenance of the already delivered equipment and increased MRO capacity.
  3. Estonia: The Estonian package consists of tens of 155mm FH-70 and 122mm D-30 howitzers, thousands of rounds of 155mm artillery ammunition, support vehicles for artillery units, hundreds of Carl-Gustaf M2 anti-tank grenade launchers with ammunition with the total replacement values of approx. 113 million euros. In addition, Estonia will continue to provide both basic and specialist training to hundreds of Ukrainian Armed Forces members in 2023.
  4. Latvia: Latvia is preparing new donations with additional tens of man-portable air-defence systems (Stinger) and additional air-defence elements, two M-17 helicopters, tens of machine guns with ammunition, several tens of UAVs and spare parts for M109 howitzers. Latvia is also hugely investing in the training of Ukrainian soldiers. In 2023 Latvia is planning to train around 2000 Ukrainian soldiers in various programmes starting from basic infantry training to specialized courses.
  5. Lithuania: the new Lithuanian lethal support package consists of dozens of L-70 anti-aircraft guns with tens of thousands of ammunition, and two Mi-8 helicopters with the total replacement value of approx. of 85 million euros. Still this year, we will invest 40 million euros for procurements in support of Ukrainian military. This will include anti-drones, optics, thermo-visual devices and drones. Also, 2 million euros will be transferred to the UK International Fund for financing the heavy weaponry acquisitions projects such as artillery systems and ammunition, direct fire platforms or armoured fighting vehicles. The total value of Lithuanian upcoming lethal support package is 125 million euros.
  6. Poland: Poland will continue to provide military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine as long as necessary. The new Polish package consists of S-60 anti-aircraft guns with 70,000 pieces of ammunition. Poland already donated 42 Infantry Fighting Vehicles along with training packages for two mechanized battalions. In addition, Poland continues delivery of 155mm KRAB howitzers and supplying UKR with various types of ammunition. Medical and engineering training is also constantly provided. On top of that, Poland is ready to donate a company of Leopard 2 tanks with 1000 pieces of ammunition. Pending this, a wider coalition of Leopard 2 tanks donors will be established.
  7. Slovakia: In addition to the heavy equipment already donated, Slovakia will continue intensive discussions with Allies on the possibilities of unlocking further equipment for donations to Ukraine. The effort currently focuses on possibilities related to main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, air defence systems, but also increased production of howitzers, demining equipment and ammunition. Concrete details will be developed in due time based on continued exchanges with Allies and partners. Slovakia will continue to train Ukrainian soldiers and expand the training as required by Ukraine.
  8. United Kingdom: The United Kingdom’s accelerated package consists of a squadron of Challenger 2 tanks with armoured recovery and repair vehicles; AS90 self-propelled 155mm guns, while preserving their commitment in Estonia; hundreds more armoured and protected vehicles; a manoeuvre support package, including minefield breaching and bridging capabilities; dozens more un-crewed aerial systems to support Ukrainian artillery; another 100,000 artillery rounds; hundreds more sophisticated missiles including GMLRS rockets, Starstreak air defence missiles, and medium range air defence missiles; 600 Brimstone anti-tank munitions; an equipment support package of spares to refurbish up to a hundred Ukrainian tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. The package is further augmented by continuing basic training and junior leadership training for the AFU in the UK with 9 International partners. With the aim of training around a further 20 000 AFU personnel in 2023. The UK is also coordinating the International Fund for Ukraine which has raised almost £600M with partners. The first package of support from the fund will be announced shortly.

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