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Australian Nuclear Submarines, The Central Subject Of The AUKUS Summit On Monday In The United States

by Paul Williamson
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On Monday, the three member countries of the Aukus alliance (United States, United Kingdom and Australia) will meet in the United States for a summit which will address the issue of nuclear submarines expected by Australia.

US leaders Joe Biden, Britain’s Rishi Sunak and Australia’s Anthony Albanese will meet in the United States on Monday for an Aukus alliance summit, London announced on Wednesday, as a deal to build nuclear-powered submarines is reached. expected.

“The Prime Minister (British Rishi Sunak) will be in the United States on Monday for discussions on Aukus with President Biden and the Australian Prime Minister,” his spokesman told reporters.

Earlier Wednesday, Anthony Albanese had indicated that he would soon meet Joe Biden in the United States, without specifying the date. After 18 months of deliberations, Australia is set to unveil plans to acquire eight nuclear-powered submarines , in what Australia’s Prime Minister has called “the biggest leap forward” in the history of the country in defence.

Deep opposition from China

For a year and a half, extensive discussions have been taking place behind the scenes between Washington, Canberra and London about Australia obtaining sensitive nuclear propulsion technologies. Australia has ruled out acquiring nuclear weapons. It is the first time that American nuclear submarine technology has been exported since the 1960s, when the United States helped Britain design its own submarines.

The submarine contract is worth tens of billions of US dollars, but experts say its importance goes beyond the jobs created and the investments promised. Nuclear-powered submarines are difficult to detect, can travel great distances for long periods of time, and can carry sophisticated cruise missiles.

Beijing has expressed its deep opposition to this project, which it considers “dangerous” and intended to corner China. Aukus is a tri-party military alliance formed by Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States that aims to share military technology and other advances.

However, major questions remain over the Australian project, including whether Canberra plans to buy American or British submarines, where they will be built and when they will be launched.

The conclusion of the Aukus alliance, with the corollary of Canberra’s cancellation of the contract for the acquisition of 12 French submarines , had given rise to a diplomatic crisis with France.

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